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A female athlete is not an oxymoron. Girls should embrace their abilities and understand their choices are not limited to one persona or another. Being a tomboy does not prevent a girl from being girly and being feminine does not make her weak or less intelligent. So...don't be afraid to take the initiative to be fit & healthy. Go get in the game!

Being a girl is not just about bras and makeup. It is not about being neat and sweet. Girls do not have to be demurely domestic or damsels in distress. They do not have to measure up to an idealized, version of ladylike-ness and are just as likely to be warrior princesses as pink princesses. Get out there and live life - on your own terms.

Pretty Tough girls come in all shapes and sizes. They are all ages. They have all sorts of interests, What binds them is a desire to be fit and strong - emotionally as well physically; to not be confined by gender stereotypes. We shine the spotlight on real-life superheroes - girls who push limits, defy conventions and advocate for social change.

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